investing for
the good of
kansas city

Hill City Investments is on a mission to help our neighbors and communities flourish through
real estate investing.

Long + Short Term rentals

Whether you need a long term lease, or are staying for the night, we strive to make every property feel like home.

Second Chance Investing

We invest in communities and properties others think are lost causes. Much like the homes we invest in, we believe every person deserves a second chance. Our portfolio strives to represent the second chances we know too well.

property management + coaching + investment

We have years of experience in managing properties, investing in properties, and love sharing our experiences with others. Give us a call if you need guidance in your next investment, or are interested in investing with us.


Ryan J. Pelton and Jarod Dickson are passionate about their families, real estate investing, and all things Kansas City. With over 20+ years of experience in real estate investing, business, and community development, they are on a mission for Hill City Investments to become a catalyst for helping the communities of KC thrive through real estate investing.

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